Tuesday, February 13, 2018

From The Buttom: My birthday presents

From The Buttom: My birthday presents: Hi everyone.....      This great after i want to amaze you my great viewers and fans ......whats the particular thing am about to amaze you...

Thursday, January 25, 2018

My birthday presents

Hi everyone.....
     This great after i want to amaze you my great viewers and fans ......whats the particular thing am about to amaze you guys with .......????
        There was this awesome friend of mine who based in Egypt,Cairo she decide to surprise me on Tuesday which happened to be my birthday(23/01/2018) what she did really put me in a smile on my face .
         Like never before she made my day after which my Fiance baked a wonderful cake bearing my name on it with my fave colour(pink)
Later after i got this song by John Legend(all of me) remixed for my birthday sake.........and i want everyone to check this out help broadcast let the world see and listen to how beautiful the voice of this friend of mine is......

           Thank you as you do so like,share and comment to exchange opinion.

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Hi everyone
,happy new year.💌
       I want to appreciate everyone who has took there time to view ,Iike or comment on each post from this blog ,I thank you all.
        I have been away for some days due to some unavoidable circumstances but my beloved ones am sure you always got my back and am here to fulfill the purpose of this blog.
         Once again thank you.👍💞

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

HI FfamzHow you guys doing today,hope you keep chilling no matter the weather.........been awhile from here but guess what ,i do keep to my promise as i use to...i've been manning up and is time to put you guys back on the track of luxury life .
today we talking about nothing but a real goddamn Power Bike and nothing but the HARLEY DAVIDSON which has got me in mood of writing for over a month now .......i have the WHITE C
olour of this particular bike right here but guess what ...................

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

just gimme the light and am gon start the show.....today we going in deep about luxury cars guess where we heading to????? the last time i talk about the so call 'TESLA' the one i referred  to as the BEAST but today we moving from  there to the world of  another luxury which i wont indulge the name but i would give room to people following this page to cease some chance to predict and or guess the name and the model year.......here you go

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Hi everyone,today i will talk a bit about a luxury car named TESLA.this car is a the latest update from the producer it got no fuel reservoir guess what it got to move is ass..this particular car am talking about has the ability to wave its doors like an eagle far better than the likes of Chrsyler,buggatti,and some other luxurious cars.